Tapuach junction is the main crossroads of the the Shomron closest to the Israeli town of Kfar Tapuach. Traveling from Jerusalem it is about 45 KM to the north via road number 60. You will pass by the Hizma crossing when leaving Pisgat Zeev neighborhood of Jerusalem, pass by the Benjamin Regional council towns of Adam, Shaar Binyamin commercial park, New Migron, Kochav Yaakov, Pasgot, Beit El, Ofra, Maaleh Levona, Ofra, Shilo, Eli and the Rechlim and Nofie Nechmia in the Shomron Regional council.

Note that sometimes Waze and other apps might suggest logger roundabout routes from Jerusalem and might flash danger warning on using road 60 to the north. In general the mains roads in Judea and Samaria are in area C under full responsibility and security of the IDF. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the the site for itinerary planning.

Tapuach is also accessible by buses from Jerusalem and Ariel. Check Moovit app for times and prices. You can also pay bus fares with the app.

When coming from Tel Aviv, Netanya and anywhere in the lowlands region you will take road number 5 to the east, when you pass Ariel the road becomes number 505 all the way to the Jordan Valley. Tapuach junction is only 10KM to the east of Ariel.

Directions for most Shomron tours on the site will start from Tapuach junction.

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