Educational Tours for Students

Foreign Students visit experimental greenhouse at Barkan Industrial Park

The issues regarding Israel’s control in Judea and Samaria or the The West Bank is one of the highly debated topics in media, government and academia. A day visit on the ground will enable students to see the facts on the ground and speak with people who live here who are making a mark on history. They will get first-hand perspective on these hot issues that most are only exposed to through news reports and information offered by political organizations. Meet with local Israeli residents (Jewish Settlers) and Palestinians who can explain from their own life experience what life is like here and why this place is so important to them. Visit Israelis factories in Barkan that employ thousands of Palestinian workers. Visit municipal government and local universities. Meet the Samaritans who are both Israeli and Palestinian, but are not Arabs or Jews. See the complexity of the region and form your own educated position on the reality.

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