Need Help Planning a Tour?

Are you planning a tour for family and friends or for a group? Would you like some help mapping out the itinerary? Want some ideas for good biking trails, the right place to stop for a picnic or where to find a winery nearby? Not to mention restrooms or options for Zimmer guest homes.

Send us a message via email or whatsapp and we will help you draft your tour in the Shomron and Judea. Best to call us ahead of time so we can figure this out without last minute pressure, but, if you are already on the road and not sure, send us a line anyhow and we will try to help.

Safe travels and enjoy the journey,

David Ha’ivri Whatsapp: +972-52-607-1690 email: [email protected]

Finding the right tour guide for you.

Hotels, Zimmers, Farm Stay


Hiking, Biking, Extreme mountain climbing and more.

Meet people who live in Shomron

Meals with families in their homes

Eco-tourism, picking up trash together, green energy, solar energy

Dual narrative tours, peace makers.

Visit University, factories, meet student and Palestinian workers